Sling Media Slingbox -Debut Review

I love TiVo, and depend on it like most depend on running water, electricity, and high speed internet. I come home from a long day of work, and watch my favorite programs with the trigger finger on fast forward. With all the shows that I record, managing my time in order to watch everything that I’ve recorded is a task in itself.. I’ve almost made a new martial art out of fast forwarding and playing shows in order to view the most vital of content.

Today is a different day. Times change and so does technology. People may or may not change, if I knew about those issues I’d be writing a column entitled “Dear ____”. This here is the tech world baby, and we break for nobody.

Today I picked up the much anticipated Slingbox, from Sling Media.

Thanks to a missed Giants game back in 2002, a man by the name of Krikorian decided to write video streaming code that would allow him to watch his TV wherever he was at. His famous quote goes something like: “I’m already paying for my cable at home, why can’t I watch it somewhere else?” This is where the term “place shifting” was born. VCR’s allowed for “time shifting” –record now, watch later. Sling Media invented “place shifting”.

Before we go any further, let me answer the $64 Million dollar question: What is the Slingbox? Sling Media has created a device that sends a stream from your house to your computer over the internet. This isn’t your normal stream. Most streams are a one way open loop system that dumps content to you with very minimal control as a user. The Slingbox is a controlled stream. You have the ability to change your television channel or program your DVR remotely. Sling Media’s new toy is just getting started so buckle up and enjoy the ride. Continue reading

Dude Where's My Search Engine?

John Battell says it best: Search is no longer a stand-alone application, a useful but impersonal tool for finding something on a new medium called the world wide web. Increasingly, search is our mechanism for how we understand ourselves, our world, and our place within it. It’s how we navigate the one infinite resource that drives human culture: knowledge.

And he should be able to say it pretty good by now, cause he has been working on his book about the search industry for years now. Seriously John, I need this book!

Today I think Yahoo has taken us a step closer to realizing what John was talking about above.

Continue reading

Shakespeare Has Gone Wireless

Everyone knows Billy Shakespeare. He’s the man, the myth, the legend, and now the wireless tour attraction. For 8 pounds you can rent a PDA for a day, and tour of Stratford at your own pace. The town has also popped up some WiFi hotspots for visitors to check their mail or catch the last episode of ‘The Real World’ via their Slingbox (can you tell I’m excited to get one of these).

“Now all the world’s a wi-fi stage as far as this town is concerned. We are sure that the many tourists who like to visit Stratford from across the globe will appreciate how much easier it will be to hit the literary hotspots using the latest technology as your guide,” said Chris Clark, chief executive of BT Wireless Broadband.

Second Place is the First Loser

AMD has always been biting at the heels of Intel. Today is no different. “Intel today responded angrily to AMD allegations that it has systematically abused its dominant position in the global processor business to drive up prices and stifle competition”, reports AMD has always taken a back seat to Chip leader Intel. It’s a known fact that once you’re the king of the hill, everyone tries to push you off. You’ll stay on top if you push back harder, and intel seems to be pretty good at pushing.

I wonder if AMD is jealous over the Intel/Apple venture?

Sling My Media

“Time shifting” has been around since the VCR, which is simply watching a program other than at the time it’s broadcasted (taping it for later). Well if you’re only 20-something years old, then the VCR and time shifting have been around just as long as you have. “Place shifting” is the new catch phrase buzzword. So what the heck am I getting at here?

CompUSA has the Slingbox Personal Broadcaster by Sling Media for presale on it’s website. Place shifting with the Slingbox means watching where you want as well as when you want, “time and place shifting”. With a Slingbox, I can watch my home TV (I have Direct TV), or my TiVo’d shows (I also have TiVo) on my computer, anywhere in the world that has a decent internet connection. This greatly anticipated set top box already has a spot in my entertainment cabinet, it’s just a matter of time now. I would pre-order this beauty, but going down to CompUSA and picking one up would put me in a sling much faster. Keep a sharp eye out for this one.